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August Newsletter

This was a great month 🤩

To my valued collectors,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and that you are now enjoying the fine spring days. August has been an exciting month for me, filled with significant progress and memorable moments.


Here are some updates that I am eager to share with you!

Out of the Machine ⚙️

We are still full steam ahead in machining the various components. At the beginning of the month I machined the raw ratchet pawls and click springs. Given that these parts are so small and combined with the fact that they are parts that are made in the milling machine, they present a real challenge in holding the raw steel stock for machining. The click spring is only 0.05mm thick! This took some thinking outside of the box! Now the parts are ready to be hardened, blued, and then to receive final finishing. 

Whilst I am waiting for some specialist tooling to arrive to continue work on the movement, I took advantage of the time and am back prototyping the cases.

This time I have begun making components from stainless steel. Which is a notoriously difficult material to machine. I am very pleased with progress thus far.

What else has been happening 🔎

Sydney Dinner and Get-Together

Our recent dinner and get-together in Sydney were a huge success! Thank you to each of you who made the effort to attend. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to share time with you, my collectors, share stories, and strengthen our small community. I cherished the evening and look forward to gatherings in the future.


Revving Up for Race Day my Subaru project has reached a major milestone – it's now ready to hit the track with its new engine! After countless hours of meticulous tuning and fine-tuning the ECU, which I enjoy for the similarities to programming and tuning the machines in my workshop, the Subaru is ready for the most rigorous testing of all, being driven flat out around the race track. I can't wait for next weekend and we'll be sure to share videos and updates with you.

Series Two Brochure

Cielo has been hard at work putting together a brochure for Series Two. Included are specifications and for the first time 3D renderings of the case and dial.

Media 📰


As we move into September, we have more exciting events and releases on the horizon. I recently recorded a podcast with Roman for his show Independent Thinking by Fifthwrist. He asked some brilliant questions. This should be released in the coming days and will be available for listening on Spotify here:

Drive Channel 9

The Drive team from Channel 9 stopped into the workshop to conduct a small interview, talking about my work and my interest in cars and motorsport. They were a very accommodating group and 2 of them are watch collectors and enthusiasts!

If you are interested the episode aired on TV mid August and is available to view on 9NOW or in the following link from Min. 8.34


Thank you for your continued support, passion, and enthusiasm for our projects. We couldn't do it without you, and we're excited to continue this journey together. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Warm regards,

Reuben Schoots


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